2021 Flooring Trends

2021 Flooring Trends

With the new year comes new home décor and style trends. Hardwood floors will always be in style, which is part of what makes them the best flooring for Northern Colorado homes. They are highly desirable and can truly help support the value of your home. Though hardwoods in general are always stylish, they aren’t exempt from constantly changing trends and design styles. That said, they are so versatile and have such a long life that they can often be reimagined, by refinishing, to agree with current design trends. Read on to learn about the top flooring trends for 2021.


1: Light and Bright

Light, bright, neutrals are replacing monochromatic, industrial, and dark themes this year. As bohemian styles are becoming increasingly popular in clothing, we see them also influencing home décor and style. Naturally finished hardwoods and light, whitewashed stains will be very popular in 2021 for their neutral palette and adaptability to design. If your first instinct when you hear “naturally finished hardwood” is a decades-old, ambered, orange-ish floor, think again. New, water-based finish products enhance the beautiful color variations naturally within the wood and eliminate orange, dated tones. Whitewashed or other light stains can help brighten a room overall and minimize warm tones or color variations in the wood if they aren’t your style. Obviously, the end result will depend on what species your hardwood floor is. In 2021, we expect to work with red and white oak most often. Bright, light hardwood floors will be the cornerstone of 2021 popular décor trends such as pampas grass, bright accent colors, greenery, and bohemian patterns.

2: Long & Wide Boards

Few design elements bring such sophistication and elegance to a home than wide, long-length flooring. Whether the flooring is hardwood or LVP, the high-end feel will really elevate any space. Though wide, long-length flooring product tends to be more expensive than thin and short boards, the investment results in a highly desirable and valuable design element in any home.  In 2021, we anticipate our clients gravitating towards cleanly-milled hardwoods and multi-length LVP products. If you are starting your 2021 flooring project with a blank slate, investing in long and wider boards will give your home a classy, elevated style that will last for years to come and will be easily adaptable to changing trends in the future.

3: Farmhouse Rustic & Reclaimed

The rustic farmhouse trend was strong throughout all of 2020 and will continue to be popular in 2021 design. It is popular for its accessibility to DIY-ers and is one of the most popular ways to update an older home. When it comes to flooring, rustic and reclaimed hardwood is unique, durable, and beautiful. Faux “reclaimed” hardwood (it is actually new hardwood flooring milled to look rustic) is highly resistant to scratches and damage due to the rough saw marks and heavy texture, making it perfect for households with children, pets, or a busy lifestyle. Finished naturally or with dark stain, rustic hardwood floors can be the beautiful cornerstone of a farmhouse style home. Another way to achieve a beautiful rustic floor is to install hickory, which has a natural rustic look due to its marbled color and knottiness. The rustic farmhouse look can also be achieved with LVP products that are waterproof and scratch resistant, which makes them perfect for every room of your home. In 2021, we expect to see even more reclaimed, farmhouse-style hardwood flooring on our clients’ wish lists.

4: Patterned Installations

Straight-lay hardwood floors may be the norm, but they aren’t your only option. A 2021 flooring trend that is increasing in popularity is intricate, patterned installation. Herringbone, chevron, and God’s eye are just some of the popular patterned installs that we are seeing more often. Whether you are just looking to create a custom focal point in your entryway or office, or want your entire floor to be intricate, there is no denying the desirability of a patterned floor. A custom hardwood flooring installation can elevate the desirability and value of an entire home without being loud or distracting to other design elements. Additionally, there are a multitude of beautiful herringbone and chevron LVP flooring options. In 2021, we are excited to help our clients create a truly custom floor fit to their design goals and lifestyle.

Regardless of the way that design and décor trends change from year-to-year, hardwood floors will always be in. They are timeless, gorgeous, and highly desirable. As trends and technologies change, we are constantly seeing new professional products that allow us to really help our clients reach their home design goals. Changing out the floors in your home is not nearly as easy as updating décor to stay trendy, but rest assured that updating your hardwood floor or adding a new one is never a poor investment or design choice in your home. If you are considering a new flooring project for 2021, Contact Us to schedule your complimentary consultation.