We are proud to carry the highest quality prefinished hardwood flooring options for clients who are looking for a simpler installation process. As the wood does not require sanding or coating on-site, the installation creates less dust, noise, and overall disruption.

Prefinished hardwood floors boast longevity and most can be refinished in the future when wear occurs over time. They also come in a variety of color, finish, and style options. We offer a wide variety of prefinished hardwood floor options sure to complement the design and budget of any project. Below are photos and descriptions of our most popular prefinished options. If you don’t see what you are looking for, Contact Us to get more information about the full array of products we carry.


Natural. Ageless. Beautiful. The Roosevelt Collection masterfully crafted in tribute to the hardwood industry, the collection features Live Sawn hardwoods, a traditional sawing method that produces beautiful and unique grain patterns. Naturally durable, dimensionally more stable and the most environmentally friendly cut of hardwoods. A live sawn floor works with modern and traditional interiors providing a desirable and sought after organic element to a home’s decor.

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Strong. Stunning. Classic. The Lena Collection, Italian for strong, showcases the durability of American Hickorys and Maples crafted in the timeless fashion of European design. The slice cut planks provide greater stability as well as a traditional solid hardwood visual. It’s engineered to a base layer of Eucalyptus, the Earths’ most environmentally friendly wood fiber. This allows greater durability and stability than most other Hardwoods. Wide plank widths and long lengths enhance the depth and beauty of this collection, providing endless design possibilities for your home.

If you would like to see full-sized samples of this product line or to schedule a free estimate, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Colorado Mountain Collection

The Colorado Mountain Collection hardwood floors are uniquely designed on wide-plank European Oak using reactive treatments to achieve an authentically aged look. The rugged beauty of the Colorado mountains is something that captivates the soul. This is our inspiration. A surface you embrace for its character, beauty, and strength. Colorado Mountain Collection celebrates the mountain lifestyle with its 7.5″ wide-plank, long-length engineered wood flooring. It’s rubber wood core adds the ultimate stability, even in the dry climate of the high-desert mountains. This collection boasts a high-end sophistication and is sure to add a timeless beauty to your home.

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Chelsea Plank Flooring

Chelsea Plank Flooring is produced in the United States and is well-known for its classic look, high quality, and value. Uniquely, this line offers variable-width 3″-4″-5″ boards that lend an exciting appearance to the floor. This collection is vast and boasts multiple wood species, finishes, textures, and colors.

Product from this collection starts at $8.75/sqft. Pictured below are our most popular options; Contact Us if you are interested in exploring the entirety of the collection.

Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection

In early 19th century London, Marc Brunel pioneered a new technique for slicing veneers from hardwood lumber. This process of making veneer, perfected in 1875, maximizes efficiency while preserving the natural grain of the lumber, making it the most beautiful and economical way to build an engineered floor. To celebrate this marvel of engineering, we offer the Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection. This collection boasts a wide variety of unique colors, wide boards, and desirable wirebrushed and weathered textures.

Product from this collection starts at $5.95/sqft. To schedule an estimate, view samples in person, or see similar product lines, Contact Us anytime.