You’ve taken the first step and scheduled an estimate with a hardwood flooring contractor, so what comes next? Updating the floors in your home is an investment, and a thorough estimate is the first step. To make sure the estimate includes everything you are looking for and that the contractor is the right fit for you, here are 6 ways to prepare for your estimate.

  1. Do some research

If you are starting with a clean slate, the flooring options for your home are endless. In this case, it would be beneficial to educate yourself on the different flooring products that are available to you (site-finished hardwood, prefinished hardwood, LVP, etc.) and determine what you like best. If you have existing flooring in your home that you are looking to add to or refinish, your options are slightly more limited depending on the species, condition, and placement of your existing wood. No need to feel pressure about learning every detail, your contractor is a flooring expert and will tell you what species you have and what options are possible.

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2. Gather photos of what you’re looking for

Inspiration photos can help your professional flooring contractor visualize the final result you are looking for. Visual examples are powerful tools to help you get your preferences about what you like and dislike in a floor across easily. While websites like Pinterest are great for finding flooring inspiration, visiting your contractor’s portfolio or social media is a great option as well, as they will know exactly what was done to create the result. Having a small collection of photos can help you and your contractor get on the same page; be careful, though, as too many inspiration pictures may end up being confusing or conflicting.

Visit our Portfolio page for examples of recent work.

3. Think about prep work

A great way to cut the cost of your project without sacrificing quality is to do some of the prep work yourself. This can include tearing up and disposing of your existing flooring or moving your own furniture before and after the job. Flooring professionals can absolutely do this work for you, but if you are able, doing some of your own prep work can allow more of your budget to go towards your dream floor. Be sure to let your contractor know if you are interested in doing any of your own prep work so that your estimate is accurate.

4. Plan for the process

Ask your contractor how long they estimate your project will take. Getting your floors worked on can be disruptive, loud, and stressful for pets and children. Depending on the needs of your family, planning to spend the duration of the project outside of the home or in a different area (such as a basement) may be a great option. Your contractor can give you advice about how disruptive your particular project will be and if they recommend vacating your home for any amount of time. Many clients choose to have their floors done while they go on vacation!

5. Ask questions about quality

Not all flooring professionals are created equal. Ask questions about their process, and which parts of it they will put in writing. Every flooring company has its preferred method and product line, so don’t be afraid to ask them what they use and why. When comparing estimates from multiple companies, be sure to only compare them apples-to-apples; even if the prices are the same, the process may not be.

Visit the Our Promise page to learn about our dedication to a high-quality process.

6. Ask about extras

Hardwood floors can be customized in countless ways. Simple additions such as matching wood vents or a border can add value to your floor without blowing your budget. Or, create a focal point in your home with a patterned installation or custom inlay. Let your flooring contractor know if you are interested in adding a custom aspect to your floor, and they can help you create something truly unique.

The bottom line to being prepared for your hardwood flooring estimate is to be ready to have a conversation with your contractor about your goals. This is the time to ask all of the questions you have about the process. At Perennial Hardwood and Flooring, we are dedicated to a thorough estimate process. We are happy to answer any questions you have and offer suggestions if you are looking for inspiration on your next flooring project!