What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are put off in the form of gas by some liquid and solid products, including hardwood floor finish. They are considered an areal pollutant and have been found to linger in the air even after the job is completed.

Why do we avoid VOCs?

Exposure to VOCs can be detrimental to your health. It has been linked to issues such as eye, nose and throat discomfort, dizziness, nausea and headaches. More serious effects may be damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system and memory impairment.

For the EPA's article on VOC exposure, click here.

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Does Going Green Cost in Durability?

Our finish is commercial a commercial grade penetrating oil. When normal wear and tear occurs on your floor, you will be able to refresh it without calling a professional. Because of this, you can go longer between refinishes, maintenance coats and repairs.

A Different Kind of Hardwood Floor

At Perennial Hardwood, we believed that harmful chemicals have no place in your floor. This is why we use finish that is certified 0% VOC, children's furniture approved, and food grade. There is no harsh odor when coating the floor, so there is no need to vacate the premises because of harmful smells.


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